Mussels and medley tomatoes with white wine sauce

Went fishing with my sister. She caught the most fish, I just caught 2 fishes leather jacket. Then we said it’s enough let go home. As we were packing up, the mussel boat pulls into shore. He asks did we catch any fish, yes, we did. I ask him what about you?

He said yes good haul today. I said care to sell me 1 kg and my sister said she too wanted 1 kg. So, we got each mussels and fishes to eat. Do you realise that when you least expect to get or didn’t intend to buy. It seems to appear right there for you.

The mussels are huge, fresh and I have medley tomatoes with leftover white wine to cook the mussels. It’s a simple seafood meal, juicy and delicious. Let’s cook mussels!!!


1 kg mussels, clean and de beard
1 punnet medley tomatoes
1 Tsp garlic
4 -6 sprigs of curly parsley, cut or chop into bitesize
1/2 c sweet gossip white wine


Clean and remove the beard of mussels. Heat saucepan for 3 minutes, add the mussels for 2 minutes. Next add garlic, toss around and cover with lid for 2 minutes.

Add the medley tomatoes and parsley. Toss around and add in white wine and gives a few shakes with lid on. After 2 minutes; mussels open its done and tomatoes have given out juice. Serve with garlic bread or eat it on its own. Enjoy!!!



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