Steamed honey pudding

I am glad to have found this recipe again. I watched Rick Stein on TV cooking program making this. I have recreated the recipe to suit me. I didn’t make the butterscotch sauce.

Google: “Steaming a pudding (pudding is cake in Europe) is a very popular method of cooking in Ireland and Britain. Unlike an oven, steaming adds moisture to the cake during the cooking process making it incredibly moist. Unlike in the oven, which uses dry heat.”

The only thing you need to keep an eye on is that the water doesn’t boil dry. You don’t need a pudding bowl with a special lid, just use a stainless steel bowl and cover it with foil. “To test if the pudding’s cooked, pierce the foil and paper with a skewer and wiggle it to make the hole bigger, or it will be wiped clean of any mixture when you pull it out.”

This is my first trial and error steamed honey pudding. As it’s been raining all day long and freezing cold. Thought of pudding as comfort food which I had to wait for an hour and a half to enjoy it. It’s worth the wait as it turns out well, and I am glad to try it though it’s a bit too little honey. Must add more honey next time. Let’s steamed and enjoy the first steamed pudding I have recreated!!!


125 g butter, softened at room temperature
110 g castor sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
225 g self raising flour, sifted
125 ml skim milk (you can use full cream milk)
5 Tbsp honey
Double cream or custard, to serve


Grease pudding dish (1.5 L) stainless steel. Using electric beater, beat butter and sugar for 5 minutes or until light and fluffy. Add eggs and continue to beat for 2 minutes, then beat in flour, milk and 2 tablespoons honey. Beat a further 2 minutes until mixture has a thick and smooth consistency.

Coat the pudding dish with the remaining honey, tilting the dish so evenly coats the entire surface. Spoon the mixture into the pudding dish. Cover with lightly greased baking paper, followed by 2 layers of foil, pressed firmly around the edge of the dish. Then place dish in a large deep pot with boiling water, half fill. Gently simmer for 1 hour and 30 minutes. (Need to top up water at interval if necessary).

Carefully remove stainless steel cooked pudding from pot, allow to cool 5 minutes. Remove the foils and baking powder and turn upside down on a serving plate. Sliced the pudding into wedges and serve hot with cream or custard. You can just eat without cream or custard too.

Note: You can make the butterscotch sauce if you like. There are many recipes you can try it out. Guess if you like you can dry fruits like Christmas pudding. Add more honey, mine is a bit too little.