Figs macaroni

Here’s another dish with figs. Almost finished all the figs from my garden. This is the last batch of figs till next year when it’s on season again. I am glad that I have make use of my figs in so many ways. From breakfast with cereal, soups to lunch and dinner. Then make cakes and panna cotta.

Glad I have used all my culinary skill to make use of figs. Thanks to God for the abundant figs and helps with creative ideas. I am pleased to be able to share all my figs dishes with everyone. Figs certainly are a great fruit to have and a great use too.

As my last dish, got to be macaroni. This is a simple dish with nothing extravagant ingredients just every day ingredients added to fig. I dare say it’s a delicious, comforting meal to be eaten last. I thoroughly enjoy every recipe that I have created with figs. Let’s cook!!!


180 g macaroni
4 plum figs, cut into bite size
30 ml water
1/4 vegetables stock
1 Tbs garlic minced


2 plum figs
½ Tsp garlic
1 Tbs butter
dark brown sugar


Put macaroni and enough water in microwave safe bowl, microwave about 16 minutes until macaroni is al dente and cooked. Drain and reserved 1/2 cup water. Set aside.

In a blender, add figs and about 30 ml water and blend until pureed. Then pour into a pan with vegetables stock to warm up and mix well. Once it’s warm add macaroni, toss to coat well. Season with salt and pepper. Add the reserved water a bit if it’s too dry. Make sure not too wet either. You want fig sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Remove from hob and set aside keep warm with foil.

Heat oil and butter in another pan on low heat. When butter start to bubble, add minced garlic cook for 30 seconds and then add figs. Toss around and sprinkle some brown sugar over until sugar is caramelised about 3 minutes. Remove from hob.

Spoon macaroni onto bowls. Garnish with caramelised figs. Serve with a glass of white wine. Enjoy!!!!