Cheat crumbed whiting fillets with boiled vegetables in mayo, crispy prawn and XO chilli sauce

“What are the best five toys of all time? Jonathan H Liu suggested the following: a stick, a box, string, s cardboard tube, and dirt.” All are readily available, useful, suitable for all kids of all aged, fit budget and are powered by imagination. No batteries required. How many of you have these toys to play with? I certainly do as my sisters and I never really get any toys nowadays the kids of this generation have.

Imagination plays a powerful role in our lives, so it’s not unusual that often our experience limits a situation we can’t picture being different. Old habits are hard to let go; surely you agreed with me.

Well, I craved for seafood. Fresh seafood is beyond my budget. Somehow God is able to do far more than we may dare to ask or even dream. Hooray!!!! Today, I am lucky again to get seafood at sale price.

Anyway, these whiting fillets have already been crumbed and I only needed to put in foiled tray and baked. Got some carrot and celery. Bought Brussel Sprouts not on sale though. Well craving for Brussel Sprouts. Have not had it for ages. My dinner is a luxury, delicious comforting meal. I enjoyed it very much. Let’s cook!!! If you are seafood lovers, I have included the recipe for you to try at the bottom.


1 packet crumbed whiting mini fillets (bought)
a hand full of Brussels sprouts, stem removed
1 carrot, stem removed and cut into bite size
1 celery, cut into bite size
A few squirts of mayonnaise *Note*
2 Tsp crispy prawns chilli sauce (bought)
2 Tsp XO chilli sauce (given by friend)
salt and pepper


Preheat oven 200 degrees C. Line tray with foil and place fillets. Meantime, bring water to simmering in a pot and add salt, Brussels sprouts, carrot and celery for about 20 minutes or until tender. Drain and set aside to keep warm with foil.

Then place tray in oven baked the fillets for 12 minutes or until cooked golden crispy. Removed from oven plate up with boiled vegetables. Next drizzle mayo, crispy prawns and XO sauce. Serve with pear cider.

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