Pear mint scallion julep

Drink for one

Google: “Julep is a mixed alcoholic drink, or cocktail, consisting primarily of bourbon, sugar, water, crushed or shaved ice, and fresh mint.” Today another hot day top of 30 degrees C. I am glad that my sister gave me her home grown pear that is enormous size that the usual pear in the market. Decided to use it for another creation of julep. Trying out different flavour of julep.

Instead of bourbon or plum liqueur, I have use Botrytis Semillion which is “perfected making wine from fragile heavenly botrytised fruits into distinctive De Bortoli style recognised as sweet white wine”. In addition to mint leaves is scallions and no crushed or shaved ice. Made this drink early in the morning and chill in fridge. Go to market buy food and come home prepare lunch and dessert.

This is very straightforward and simple to make and make in advance to chill. You can make it in larger quantity if you are going to serve friends on Easter Sunday. The drink is refreshing, minty-peppery sweet wine to my liking. I enjoy it. Let’s chill out in the backyard and have lunch under the sunshine!!!!


1 enormous pear, cut into bite size, leave some for garnish
10 ml lime juice (Bought in bottle)
20 ml water
1 small stalk of mint leaves
half stalk scallion
10 ml Botrytis Semillion sweet white wine
1 Tsp glucose syrup


Pear, cut into bite size
mint leaves


Add most pear, lime juice, scallion, water and mint leaves into the Nutri Bullet and blend well. Pour into jar and add glucose syrup and wine in. Stir to mix well. Then pour into the tall glass. Garnish with some pear and mint leave. Chill in fridge for 4-6 hours. Enjoy!!!!!

Note: You can just use mint leaves only. You can use any fruits of your choice. You can use lemon or lime or apple cider. For the alcohol you can use bourbon, Grand Marnier, Masala wine, Gin & Tonic, Tawny port, Sherry or fruits liqueur.

You can add crushed or shave the ice if you have ice shaver. I don’t have so I use Nutri Bullet. Increase the amount if you are making for more people. If pear is standard size use 1 to 2 depending on your liking. You can use any fruits of your choice.

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