Mussels with kale and asparagus

My dad friend gave a box of pear cider. It had been sitting in the pantry for a while. I told my dad if he doesn’t want to drink it can I have some. He said sure. I open and taste it. It’s good, I thought why not use it with mussel and see what the taste is going to turned out.

Hooray!!! Kale is on sale, bought it. As I was walking out to the cashier, my eyes caught the asparagus, couldn’t resist it so I grab it. Now I got a complete ingredient to make a dish. As usual I needed chili, I went over to my neighbour and asks for some chili. She said I were just waiting to see when you are coming over to take them.

Seafood lovers as well as chili lovers here’s a beautiful, comforting, hearty meal that you can enjoy with steam rice or bread. Let’s cook!!!!


20 mussels, debearded and wash clean
1 can (425 ml) pear cider, to boil the mussels
1/4 bunch Kale cut into bite size
1 bunch of asparagus, cut lengthwise
2 Tsp garlic, minced
1 long red chili cut into pieces, deseeded
2 Tbs olive oil
salt and white pepper
1/2 c chicken stock, bring it to simmer


Bring to a simmering pear cider and mussels in a large saucepan, do not crowd mussels for 5-7 minutes. Drain well, keep 5 Tbs of the pear cider: strain any dirt and discard any mussels not open, they are dead. Set aside to cool a bit, then remove shell and keep warm with foil cover until ready to use.

Then in another wok on med high heat add oil; bring oil to some heat. Add garlic and chili, cook until fragrant about 3 minutes, then add in kale for 5 minutes, cover with lid.

Next add asparagus, cook until tender and soft but not mushy for 5 minutes, stir once in a while to mix asparagus and kale. Next add the chicken stock and a bit of the pear cider into kale mixture and toss a bit for 5 minutes. Before scooping vegetables out add mussels toss for about 2 minutes to absorb into vegetables mixture. Serve with steam rice or pane de casa. Enjoy with pear cider or your choice of drink: white wine or sparkling wine or cold beer.



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