Figs panna cotta with blueberries cream and chocolate sprinkles

What’s the next food or dessert that I can use my abundant figs in my garden? Hmm!!! Let it be a different flavour from all my other panna cotta. Since I am having friends over for dinner. Should make it fun creative and adventurous dessert.

Have not tried it on Flute glasses or white wine glasses. That’s something definitely creative and interesting. The pandemic also inspired me to expand my culinary skill, creative and exploration in a way that I have never dream that my determination to produce food that I am thankful to have.

But the most thrilling experiences are of course, sharing my culinary skill, where I can literally get a grasp on the meaning of sharing. I invites you to try your best too as I have shared here with you. Look how lovely, delicious and creative my figs panna cotta looks in the glass.

In addition, I have some fruits, vanilla ice cream and mascarpone cream whipped. Let’s my friends have fun creating their own glasses. Oopsy!!! forgot to take their creation. All so excited to create and eating straight away. The picture above is my creation. Let’s cook!!!!


500 g yoghurt
300 g sour cream
400 ml thickened cream
150 ml milk
100 ml orange juice, divide
150 g icing sugar
2 sheets gelatine
4 Tsp gelatine powder, plus 2 Tsp for firmer (See Note)
1 Tbs castor sugar
6 plum figs, to puree
2 plum fig, chopped finely


Whipped cream
Chocolate sprinkles


Soak gelatine sheets in water about 3 minutes. Puree figs with 50 ml orange juice. Place sour cream, icing sugar, yoghurt, thickened cream, 50 ml orange juice, fig finely chopped, pureed figs and milk in saucepan on low heat; stir well to avoid lumps.

Then add gelatine sheets, (squeezed the lump gelatine then add in); stir well. Now add powder gelatine and castor sugar; stir to dissolved. Spoon the slightly cool panna cotta into the prepared glasses. Leave panna cotta in fridge overnight. The following day, just before serving squirt strawberry whipping cream. Then add one cherry on top. Enjoy!!!

 Note: You can use ramekins if you don’t want to use glasses. I have added extra gelatine powder for it to be a bit firmer and to finished off as it will expired soon. You don’t have to. The fun bit are my friends can decorate their own glass with whatever and anyhow they like it. I have some strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blackberries and papaya. Have whipped mascarpone cream, honey, and vanilla ice cream.

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