Fig and goat cheese risotto

Autumn is in the air!

A season for living consciously and fruits in abundant, Autumn is full of opportunities for self-care, creative, exploring and cooking. Wellness comes from many sources, with nutritious food and fruits in your own garden. With full bellies and fruits collected from the garden, it must be time for a stroll under the turning leaves.

My sister came today with her miniature pears, awww they are so cute, and I am going to try make pear crumble but first let me introduce to you my creation of using figs in my garden. Embracing Autumn with Joy and thankfulness to God for abundant figs.

Autumn days may be cooler, but they are often clear and bright. Perfect conditions to fill your kitchen with fragrant aromatic air booms of figs or enjoying watching trees leaves changing, birds trying to steal a bite or two of your fruits and online shopping in your backyard garden.

I consider myself very lucky to love creating, exploring, eating the abundant of food that God had given me and all my sisters taking turns to drop of their abundant fruits and buying me food. Sharing is caring for us sisters. Spending time in my kitchen with the smell of home-cooking aroma brings my sisters dropping by to smell them too.

Let’s not get carried on with day dreaming. Here’s another creation using figs and goat cheese. It’s indeed a great combo, you will be satisfied and knowing that spending time in your garden looking after the fruits or tending to your creation, exploring the combo and finally you have a full bellies and a happy smile. Let’s cook!!!!


150 g arborio rice
1 Tbs garlic minced
400 ml hot boiling water
5 plum figs, cut into bite size
75 g goat cheese, divide
50 ml white wine
100 ml orange juice, divide
1 Tbs oil
25 g margarine


1 plum fig, cut into 3 wedges
chili flakes (OPT)


Blend figs with 50 ml orange juice until pureed. Reserved about 1 1/2 Tbs of the puree for garnish. Then strain through a sieve to remove grain, to get a smooth puree. The set aside. In a pot, heat oil and 1 Tbs of margarine for 1 minute, add garlic and brown slightly. Meantime put kettle on.

Add rice, toss around in garlic for 30 seconds. Then pour in white wine, let it evaporate meantime stirring to prevent sticking to pot. Slowly add water, wait till water is absorbed before adding a little bit. Stir a couple of time.

Now add in 25 g goat cheese and 2 Tbs of margarine, stir to mix well. Continue to add a little bit of water. Stir again to prevent from sticking. Now add the remaining orange juice, stir to mix well. Add the last bit of water. Give a couple of stir. Then add the remaining margarine in toss to combine.

At nearly the end of 20-25 minutes cooking time, add in figs puree, mix well making sure rice are coated in the puree. Turn to low heat, stirring occasionally and let it cook through. Turn off hob. Add the remaining 50 g goat cheese. Stir to mix well. Spoon onto warm bowl and garnish with figs wedges, a few dots of figs puree and chili flakes. Serve immediately with a glass of white wine. Enjoy!!!!!

Note: You may want to use vegetables stock instead of boiling water. You may omit chili flakes. You may use blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries or raspberries. You may want to add cherries tomatoes.

You may want to use Grana Padano cheese, blue vein cheese or any cheese of your choice. You may omit orange juice use water or stock. I use hot boiling water you may use vegetable stock. You might want to add spinach or arugula instead of figs as garnish.