Grilled steak serves with chocolate sauce and figs in blueberries glazed

I went to a friend house for dinner. I was amazed that she serves her lamb rack with chocolate sauce. It was great. Ask her for recipe. She said she did it from scratch. Anyway, I tried my own with her idea.

Well, it turned out well. So pleased that it was delicious, comfort and I am willing to share it with everyone. In addition, I added figs and make blueberries glazed to go with figs. Enjoy!!!!


To marinade steaks

4 Sirloin steaks
Olive oil
salt and pepper
2 Tbs Worchester sauce
Dash of tabasco
4 stalks of tarragon

To make chocolate sauce

125 g dark chocolate
1/4 c water + 3 Tbs extra if chocolate is too thick
40 g butter

To make beans

100 g ground beans, cut the ends, wash
A pinch of salt and pepper

To make figs

8 green figs, stem removed and cut into half
100 g blueberries
3 Tsp honey
1/4 c boiling water


Marinade steaks with oil, salt, pepper, Worchester and tabasco sauce for 1 hour. In a bowl add blueberries, water and honey mix them well and crush the blueberries a bit. Pre heat griller to low. Transfer steaks to the pan and place in the griller for 10 minutes on one side (straight out of fridge). If steaks in room temperature grill it for 7 minutes on one side. Increase griller to medium.

Place cut figs on another baking tray, spoon 1 Tbs of blueberries sauce over the figs. Then put it in the griller for about 10 -15 minutes. Place the beans in microwave safe dish, add water enough to cover and salt. Bring to boil for 10 minutes. Drain the beans well, distribute them to 2 plates, season to taste and cover with foil to keep warm.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan on low heat combine chocolate, water and heat until chocolate melts, stirring throughout so that its smooth. Cook for 2 minutes. Add butter, remove from heat and stir until butter is incorporated and sauce is thick and smooth. Set aside keep warm until ready to use.

Bring out the steaks and turn the other side and grill a further 6-8 minutes (straight out of fridge); room temperature about 5-7minutes or to your liking.  Serve 2 steaks each to the beans and 2 halves figs. Spoon a small ladle of chocolate sauce over the steaks. Drizzle some steak juice onto the beans.