Baked mussels fig mayo cheese

You have probably heard of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, but have you heard of the leaning tower of San Francisco? It’s called the Millennium Tower. Built in 2008, this fifty eight story skyscraper stands proudly but slightly slanting in downtown San Francisco.

Trouble is the engineers didn’t dig a deep enough foundation. So now they are being forced to retrofit the foundation with repairs that may cost more than the entire tower did when it was first built; a fix that some believe is necessary to keep it from collapsing during earthquake. The painful lesson here? Foundation matter.

Anyway, this is the last batch of mussels that my sister bought for me. I wanted to try a different method using mussels. As I have done baked and steamed with leftovers thought my mussels should stand out beautifully like the Learning tower of Pisa in Italy and the Millennium Tower. It didn’t look puffy round dome as I would like it to be as my last luxury meal.

Learned that I should have taken out and thaw my grated Grana Padano cheese also maybe I should have added breadcrumbs and pat dry the mussels. There were two not open. Well, it’s not beautiful presented but the taste is still flavourful. I enjoyed it. Let’s cook and bake!!!


13 mussels, remove beards and clean
6 Tbs mayonnaise
4 Tbs Grana Padano cheese
1 plum fig, chopped
1 Tsp lime juice
a squirt or two sriracha
a tiny squirt of molasses
garlic salt
black pepper


Pre heat oven 180 degrees C. Put about 1/4 c water in pot on medium heat. Add mussels in for a few minutes until open and discard not open. Once it has cool down, remove the shell without mussels- needed halves shells. Lined baking tray with foil and place halves shells mussels on tray.

Mix mayonnaise, cheese, fig, lime juice, molasses, garlic salt and black pepper until well combined. Spoon the mayonnaise mixture onto each mussel about 1 to 1 ¼ Tsp. Bake about 16-18 minutes until golden brown. Remove from oven and plate up. Serve warm. Enjoy!!!!

Note: You can omit sriracha. You can add tomato sauce. You can omit figs. You can use fish roes or chives or scallion or sesame seeds. Or even add herbs of your choice.