Shin ram yun combinations noodle soup with XO chili sauce

Weekends are usually lazy meal, eating leftovers or going out for a meal. Today, I just felt like having noodles and staying indoor. Check that I have some leftover pork balls, fish cake, spinach, and chicken pieces in fridge. As, I am also feeling hungry can’t wait for about half an hour to get my dinner.

Well, I have to think quickly and organise what to do first. Took out my packet shin ram yun noodles from my pantry and decided to just cook it in microwave. Got the kettle on. Emptied the packet noodles on to a microwave bowl with all the condiments.

Next took out the leftovers from fridge and arrange them so they are spread out. Once the water boil, pour it into the ready bowl. Then microwave for 7 minutes. Dinner is served with a glass of white wine. My noodle is simple, easy, and quick, yet delicious.  Enjoy!!!!!


1 packet shin ram yun noodle
boiling water


4 chicken pieces
6 fish cake slices, bought
2-3 pork balls, bought and cut into quarters
3-5 Tbs cooked spinach in garlic and oil


XO chili sauce (OPT)


Put the kettle on. Emptied noodle on to a microwave safe bowl. Then arrange all the leftovers around the noodle. Once the water is boil, pour it onto the noodle and put in the microwave with a plate for easy to handle when bring out from microwave.

Set it to cook for 7 minutes. Half way through, gives it a stir. Checking for pork balls are warm and make sure it’s halfway cook. Continue to cook through until noodle is soft, the leftovers are warm enough.

Meanwhile, noodle cooking in microwave, open a bottle of white wine and pour in to glass. Once cook, bring out from microwave and garnish with XO chili sauce. Serve immediately. Enjoy and satisfied.

Note: You can use fresh chicken pieces, pork balls, spinach and fish cake. Well, you have to cooked them separately. The chicken pieces is part of my chicken stock. I use drumsticks.

Once drumsticks is cooked, removed the meat from bone and keep aside to cool. Then place in a container and keep in fridge or freezer if you want to last a bit longer.

Pork balls and fish cakes are already cook. Cook your spinach with oil and garlic. You can add bean shoots or lettuce. You may omit XO chili sauce. Use fresh cut chili. The noodles is spicy enough so you can omit the chili sauce. I love spicy food, so I added chili sauce.