Boiled kale with chili oil

Google: “Kale, or leaf cabbage, belongs to a group of cabbage cultivars grown for their edible leaves, although some are used as ornamentals. Kale plants have green or purple leaves, and the central leaves do not form a head.”

There are many ways to cook kale. I have cook in pan with other ingredients, made it with pasta, made smoothie with other ingredients, had also made it as chips. I thought why not boil kale with a few simple Asian ingredients.

Something different from many chefs, professional homecooked or many housewives would never have thought about it. Kale is not really an Asian kind of vegetables, however it had “been on dinner plates since Roman times and has long been common across much of Europe.”

This is a simple dish that I can called it mine and to have green in my meal. Must have chili in it too. It’s delicious, healthy superfood as many would called it. Let’s cook!!!


1/2 bunch of kale
water for boiling
black pepper
3 Tbs soy sauce
1 Tbs fish oil
5 Tbs garlic and chili oil (bought)


Tear the leaves of kale, wash and put in to pot of water. Bring to boil with salt. Once cooked, drain and wash in cool running water. Season with salt and pepper.

Then add soy sauce, fish sauce and chili oil. Toss gently to coat with the sauces and oil. Serve with plain rice and meat or with coconut rice and fish.