Salad on bread and salad wrap with salad

This century lots of kids are not eating healthy. With so much of creamy dessert and too much burger and chips. It’s good to plan on eating more salad and green vegetables. Kid’s need a healthy active life and as they are growing up. This is a great healthy kids’ lunchbox and it’s a filling meal. The kids can get nutrition from salad rather than buying from the canteen.

To make it easier to eat, adding flat bread to wrap the salad and place some more salad on the side of their lunch box. Perhaps, a tub of yoghurt too. It’s colourful, nutrition, simple, quick, healthy, comfort, and delicious. Let’s salad dancing with a simple dressing of salt and pepper, drizzle of oil and balsamic vinegar with a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Let’s get the kids on a right healthy diet that is cheap and budget.


1 packet baby peppery rocket, wash and dry
1 small packet medley tomatoes, cut to bite size
5 button mushrooms, cut to bite size
6 sage leaves, tear into small bite size
1 spinach flat bread


Balsamic vinegar
Worcestershire sauce (OPT)
olive oil


In a bowl add rocket, tomatoes, mushrooms and sage leaves. Then season with salt, pepper. Drizzle oil, and vinegar. Just before wrapping, dash Worcestershire sauce over.

Wrap by pushing the salad to one end; fold the bread over tightly. Next fold the sides and tightly roll up. Then press to seal it. Add more salad on the side. Enjoy!!!!



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