Rustic apples cinnamon strawberries butterscotch custard cake

I have leftover butterscotch custard, strawberries that is going to expire in 3 days as well as apple is soft; didn’t want to throw away food. So, I decided to bake a cake using these ingredients.

With intention of baking, it for New Year 2019 celebration; I am not going to throw the whole cake into the bin. So, I patch some part of the cake up to have something to eat at celebrating New Year. I ponder on what to call the cake. Then I decided to call it Rustic as it fail to come out beautifully as I wanted it to be. Well, at least my food isn’t wasted and made good use of it.


375 g self raising flour
280 g castor sugar
250 g soften butter
200 g strawberries, stem removed and cut into bite size
200 ml butterscotch custard plus 150 ml for in the middle
3 eggs
1 Royal gala apple, thinly slice 
2 Tsp vanilla essence
1 1/2 Tsp cinnamon, plus extra for sprinkle on sliced apple


Preheat oven 180 degrees C. Grease 26 cm tube pan. Lined slice apple all around the bottom and sprinkle some cinnamon on apple slices. Then beat butter, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla until pale and fluffy 5 minutes. Scrape down side of bowl.

Add egg one at a time, beat well each addition. Next add flour alternate with 200 ml custard; stirring well each addition. Spoon half batter over the apple. Then the remaining 150 ml custard over the batter. Next gently press in the half strawberries into custard. Now spoon the remaining batter, spread it to smooth it. Then press the remaining strawberries in to the batter.

Bake until golden brown and cooked through for 1 and 1/2 hours. After 45 minutes, cover with lightly spray oil foil, to prevent it brown too quickly, and help batter to cook through. Remove foil for the last 10 minutes.

Insert skewer in and comes out clean. Switch off oven and leave cake in oven with close door for 35 minutes. Then remove from oven and place on rack for 15 minutes in pan. Once cool run a palate knife around the rim and tube then turn out cake onto a serving plate or cake container base to cool further about 30 minutes. Serve with brew coffee or dessert wine.

Note: Oven temperature may vary. So, you might need less or more time. You might want to use just custard instead of butterscotch. I use butterscotch as I have leftover from my sticky dates pudding. You may omit strawberries and just use apples so you might need 2. You can use green apples instead of red.