New Year Trifle

Last minutes friends turn up uninvited on New Year Day. They brought pizza, gyoza, wines, beers, berries, papaya, cherries, chocolate, strawberry flavoured whipped cream and some more cream puffs.

They requested some dessert. I said just have the fruits you guys bring here. They said no, they wanted some creative New Year dessert from the creative and experimenting cook.

So, I check I still have some more custard, Savoiardi biscuits, liqueur and chocolate sprinkles. I said dessert has to be chill though in fridge for at least 4-6 hours before I can serve.

They said they are not leaving till they watch 5 Netflix movies finished. Everyone help in preparing, cutting and assemble their own glasses for their dessert. The picture above is mine. They made their different from mine – forgot to take picture of theirs.

The base and fruits layer of the dessert for everyone is the same. It’s has cream puffs, Savoiardi broken into pieces. Followed by caramelised fruits with plum liqueur and vanilla extract. Then strawberry whipped cream.

Repeated layer cream puffs, savioardi pieces and caramelised fruits and more strawberry whipped cream a cherries and chocolate sprinkles.

I am happy I can create some things from what I have. This trifle is delicious, creamy, sweet and satisfying to celebrate New Year day with uninvited friends over.

Let get dessert done and chill it!!! So, I can watch Netflix with pizza and beer.

This recipe serves 8 people.


48 cream puffs
16 Savoiardi, broken into pieces
8 strawberry, slice thinly
125 g blueberries, wash and pat dry
1 small papaya, remove skins and cut into bite sizes
2 Tbs dark brown sugar
2 Tbs cranberry sauce
1 Tbs plum liqueur or any liqueur of your choice (OPT)
1 Tsp vanilla extract
8 cherries
strawberry flavoured whipped cream
chocolate sprinkles


Put brown sugar, liqueur, vanilla extract and drizzle honey in pot on hob. Add fruits in and let fruits soften a bit and mixed with sugar mixture for about 2 minutes or so until sugar dissolved. St aside to cool until needed.

In the glasses, add 3 cream puffs. Then break 1 Savoiardi; gently press in so they are tightly on the bottom. Now spoon the fruits mixture with 1 to 2 Tbs caramelised syrup on top of cream puffs and Savoiardi, soak in syrup.

Then pour some custard, followed by squirting whipped cream over the custard. Repeat with cream puffs, and Savoiardi. Then fruits mixture with more syrup.

Before serving squirt more strawberry whipped cream. Shakes some chocolate sprinkle over and place 1 cherry on top.

Note: you may use cakes the traditional way, panettone or savioardi Italian ways instead of cream puffs. You can omit vanilla extract and liqueur if you don’t like. Just add a bit of water.

You can whip your own cream. Use plain whipped cream. You can add any fruits you like. You don’t have to drizzle honey if you aren’t keen in having too sweet.



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