Eggnog rum with cream puff and cherries

Finally managed to get this recipe to be posted. I made it for after Christmas Day to drink. Here’s we call it Boxing Day. Where most people would go shopping for next year Christmas, some returns some pack up Christmas Tree and put away or even their festive cutlery and plates glasses.

I wipe clean all of my festive cutlery plates and serving dishes and put them back in their boxes and respective place. Clean up my kitchen and now I’m in the mood for posting recipes again.

As I have exactly 500 ml eggnog rum left, 4 cream puffs from friend left and a small bowl of cherries; so why not make myself this chill drink and watch tv. It’s a cooling drink for heatwave day. This only requires 6 ingredients. It’s very simple quick and chill for at least 4 hours.

I am celebrating Christmas for 12 days with bits and pieces of food pudding cake left. Just to clear my fridge. Cheers everyone!!!


500 ml eggnog rum (bought)
1 banana
2 scoops caramel mud ice cream
Chocolate sprinkles
2 cherries
1 mini cream puff (opt)


Put eggnog rum ice cream and banana in a blender. Blend together until mix.

Pour into glass, sprinkle chocolate, and chill in fridge. Before serving dunk cream puff and cherries a bit in the froth. Cheers!!! Let get drunk with eggnog rum!!!

Note: you can make your own eggnog rum. I don’t have the recipe, so I bought it. You can add whipped cream on it and sprinkle chocolate sprinkles. You can add any fruits you like. You may omit cream puff. I don’t want to waste so I dunked it in.