White chocolate pudding with fruits and heart shaped lime jelly

Remember Tickle Me Elmo? Cabbage Patch Kids? The Furby? Each rank among the twenty most popular Christmas gifts of all time. Also included on the list are familiar favourites such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Rummy and Nintendo Game Boy.

We all delight in giving gifts at Christmas, but that’s nothing compared to Menu planning. The main and must have are turkey stuffing, turkey rice, glazed ham, roasted vegetables, salads, drinks: cocktails, wines, champagne and soft drinks. Then comes the dessert hot and cold or savoury and sweet.

This Christmas, as it’s a hot day for us in Australia. I decided to recreate a cooling dessert from a food blogger, Swaty Malik: White chocolate pudding eggless, cornstarch and using milk only.

I always like to experiment and create my ingredients by trial and error, but never lose sight of the reason for Christmas dessert. The spectacular flavour by adding sour cream, and honey, then decorate with fruits, chocolate sprinkles and my creation by adding lime jelly in heart shaped to call my own.

The pudding is smooth texture and heavenly flavour; will certainly please my family, friends and guests. Let cook and chill these pudding then decorate them to make them not only presentable but amazing, delicious and satisfying everyone stomach.

I am satisfied that my trial and error work paid it well so I can make it on Christmas Eve and serve on Christmas Day!!!!


2 c skim milk
1/2 c full cream milk
200 g sour cream
145 g white chocolate chips
3 Tbs castor sugar
2 Tbs honey (OPT)
1 Tbs cornstarch
1 Tbs gelatine powder
1 Tbs vanilla essence


1 packet aeroplanes lime jelly, follow instruction on packet
chocolate sprinkles
honey drizzle (OPT)


In a pot bring to boil 2 c milk, and sour cream. Then add cornstarch, stir constantly to make sure no lumps. Next add the full cream milk, stir well. Now slowly add the gelatine powder and stir until gelatine dissolved and no lumps remain.

Milk is starting to thicken, add sugar and continue to stir until sugar dissolved. Then add vanilla, white chocolate and stir mixing till chocolate melted and blended into the milk and sour cream mixture. Taste it, if you like it a bit sweeter than drizzle some honey in; stir to mix again.

Leave to cool about 10 minutes before transferring to glasses. Refrigerate, chill pudding to set about 4 to 6 hours. I prefer it overnight. Meantime, make lime jelly and let cool about 15 minutes. Then pouring into the heart shaped mould. Let it set in fridge overnight.

Place the jelly in freezer for 1 – 1 1/2 hour; so, its harden and can removed from mould. Once removed from mould place back in fridge on a plate and set aside until needed. Cut up fruits and place it in glass. Sprinkle chocolate sprinkles and drizzle honey over. The other glass, put the heart shaped lime jelly and cherries.

Note: You can just use cornstarch alone; so, you will need 1/4 c cornstarch. You can just use gelatine sheets about 2 to 3. You may also use custard powder, but the colour of the pudding will not be snow white but off white colour.

You can use dark chocolate. You can decorate with whipped cream or coulis and fruits instead of jelly. You can pour pudding less, so you have 4 glasses. As I am trying out, I just use 2 glasses. Fruits of any colour, size or your choice according to your taste bud.




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