Bacon egg sandwich

Bring on summer! With that uplifting feeling in the air and the promise of warmer weather and longer days, I naturally want to eat lighter meals that are bursting with flavours and chili is a must for me.

I have created a tasty new idea for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This time instead of burger I use Helga’s Traditional wholemeal bread, a veggie- packed lettuce and fry egg and bacon, plus instead of margarine, I have use Tahini sauce as spread with mayonnaise and chili sauce over the egg and bacon to make a perfect for comfort satisfyingly meal.

I know it’s a strange combo of Tahini sauce, mayonnaise sauce and chili sauce. Well, every one of us have different taste bud. Being creative and daring to try new idea so here’s my creation. It’s indeed comfort, delicious and satisfying meal for me. Let’s create!!!


2 slices of Helga’s Traditional wholemeal bread
1 slice of bacon
1 egg
some lettuces (bought)
tahini sauce to spread on bread (OPT)


mayonnaise sauce
chili sauce


Heat pan on medium heat add oil fry egg to your liking. Then transfer to a plate cover keep warm. Now add ham in cook through. Lightly spread Tahini sauce on a slice of bread.

Wash lettuces and dry. Now assemble the food on serving plate. Lay the sliced of bread with Tahini sauce on plate followed by lettuces. Then chili and mayonnaise sauce. Next ham and egg. Then squirt some more chili and mayonnaise sauce. Enjoy!!!

Note: you can omit chili sauce. You can use tuna, beef, chicken, roast pork or seafood instead of ham. You can omit Tahini sauce and use margarine or butter.