Cranberry Scotch fillet with salads in Thai style dressing

Weekend entertaining family or friends, make it extra ohhs and ahhs!!! If you have leftover cranberry sauce and don’t want to waste it; use it on Scotch fillets. If you have some more leftover cranberry sauce add it to your dessert such as panna cotta. Run out of idea on what to make for dessert, try my Orange cranberry sauce panna cotta with cherries. The link is at the bottom.

Bought Thai style salad dressing, I decided to use it instead of the usual Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. It has a little bit of spiciness sweet and not too sour. It’s great combination to go with cranberry Scotch fillet. Surprise your family and friends with salads dressing that is different to the regularly used dressing.

This is a step to learning to eat spicy food, perhaps and feel the aroma of different flavour boost your cooking to the next level. My dinner is colourful, healthy, comforting, flavourful and delicious. Let’s cook!!!!


6 scotch fillets (medium size and health smart)
2 Tbs finely chopped rosemary
4 Tbs cranberry sauce
4 Tbs Worcester sauce
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 packet mixed salad, washed and drained
250 g tomatoes medley
Bought 1 bottle of Thai styles salad dressing
1 medium cucumber, cut lengthwise, seed removed


To make marinade, combine all ingredients in a medium bowl except the cranberry sauce. Add fillets and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours to marinate.

Preheat oven 200 degree C. In the meantime, wash the salad then drain well. Place in the salad bowl, set aside. Place the steaks in baking tray, cooked 7-8 minutes on one side.

Then take out and brush the cranberry sauce on top of the steaks after you turn to the other side; cooked a further 4-7 minutes, or to your liking;  Plate them up. Drizzle about 5 Tbs of the Thai style dressing and toss the salad.  Scoop the salads and the cucumber to add to the steaks.

Note:  My fillet is medium to well done. Cook it extra 5 mins for cook through and well done add extra 2 to 5 mins. If meat feel springy a bit that’s med rare, springy firm cook through, and blacker colour well done and a bit hard when feeling it.

The link for Orange cranberry sauce panna cotta with cherries:

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