Bacon egg and rocket salad on brioche bread

Today I am eating light and simple meal. Got leftover bacon, egg and brioche bread that is going to expire in 4 days. Too hot to be cooking in the kitchen. Something simple and delicious.

No hassle and a clean stove. Just wash pan, spatula and wipe the stove. Finally clear all the food that is going to expire soon. Let’s not waste food. Create a comfort meal and be creative add colour using rocket, chili sauce is a must for me and mayonnaise to finished off a few squirts left. Time to make a new batch ready for Christmas use perhaps.

This meal can be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even pack for work or lunchbox for kids. I love it, it’s so easy, delicious, and satisfying meal. Let’s cook for one!!!


1 slice of Brioche
1 slice of ham
1 egg
some rocket salad (bought)


Heat pan on medium heat add oil fry egg to your liking. Then transfer to a plate cover keep warm. Now add ham in cook through. Lightly toast brioche and then spread butter.

Wash rocket and dry. Now assemble the food on serving plate. Lay brioche on plate followed by rocket salad. Then chili and mayonnaise sauce. Next ham and egg. Then squirt some more chili and mayonnaise sauce. Enjoy!!!

Note: you can omit chili sauce. You can use tuna, beef, chicken, roast pork or seafood instead of ham.



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