Shin ram yun kin tok kin pork balls buk choy noodle soup

Quick and easy simple lunch for midweek is always packet instant noodle soup for me. I always add leftovers from a day to three days. As you know me by now, I don’t like wasting food. I don’t go marketing every day.

I relied on big bulk packed food, packets and canned for fresh food can’t stay longer than 3 days even in fridge. I have 2 boxes of shin ram yun noodles each had 20 packets. When it has run down, I will get my sister to get me more.

Today, I have leftover kin tok kin which is beancurd pork rolls my mother bought it and it’s cooked with bok choy. I have added the last four pork balls so I can get new packet as I am going to the market/supermarket to get refill for my groceries. My lunch is delicious and comforting. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet shin ram yun noodle soup
4 pork balls, thawed and soak in water
1 kin tok kin, cut into bite size
bok choy
hot boiling water


Put kettle on. Open the noodle packet and empty it into a bowl with its condiment and add pork balls. When kettle water is boil, pour into the prepared bowl. Microwave for 3 minutes, then add in ready cooked kin tok kin with some bok choy. Microwave again further 3-4 minutes.

By then the pork balls would puff up, noodles softened and kin tok kin with bok choy are warmed up. Give a stir and heat again for 1 minutes. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!


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