Kwonlow mee with roasted chicken

What is kwonlow mee? Well, it’s a dry noodle toss in black sauce serve with meat and vegetables. It’s very popular in Malaysia and Singapore. We usually have it for breakfast with char siu or siew yok and comes with a small bowl of prawn dumpling soup. In fact, can be served at lunch and dinner too.

I change it a little knowing me love to create and explore the various ingredients. I added leftover roasted chicken instead of char siu or siew yok. I didn’t make the dumpling soup.

I am happy to share it with you as this is my father’s favourite easy meal. He love it so much he can have it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Today, I made it how my father did it. It turn out well. Thanks to God for helping me to create this dish. By tasting and adjusting the sauces to make it taste delicious and comfort meal. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet fresh dry (kwonlow) noodles
leftover roasted chicken (bought)


1 Tbs dark black caramelised soy sauce (kicap manis)
1 Tbs sesame oil
1 1/2 Tsp soy sauce
1/4 Tsp oil (OPT)


Bring a pot with water to boil. Meantime, loosen one ball dry noodles with hands one at a time. Once water has boil, drop loosen noodles into strainer, toss and stir in boiling water for about 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Drain dry before adding to the sauce and stir to mix well.

To assemble: On each bowl, put the sauces then the noodles; toss the noodle in the sauce. Spoon leftover chicken onto the side. Toss the noodles in sauce and oil with chopsticks and serve it with a glass of white wine.


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