Grilled pumpkin medley tomatoes and spinach salad with tahini sauce

I went to the Sunday market nearby at 8 am, there were already a lots of people started buying. One of seller were shouting to the top of his voice come see the good produce I have here; his produce were half left. They are on sale he said. Great bargain and one hand holding up a quartered cut up pumpkin. The juicy fresh and orange-y bright looking pumpkin seems to have caught my eyes.

Walk to the stall, said pumpkin please! to the man. Look here I have medley cherries tomatoes, and fresh spinach. All these three I give to you for $10. I said I love spring vegetables so much – fresh, I serve them with omelettes, sausage pies, meat, fish and in greener than green spring minestrone soups.

I said give it to me for $7, I take the lots. He think for a while, then he said ok for you miss. So happy, that I got it cheaper. Came home and create something else. Decided to grill pumpkin and medley cherries tomatoes. For a change of balsamic vinegar dressing with tahini sauce.

My grilled pumpkin and medley tomatoes are perfectly grilled, charred to my liking with fresh spinach ready on the plate. Adding craisins to have sweetness along with tahini sauce boost the flavour, texture, grilled taste delicious, comfort and satisfying. Let’s eat brunch!!!!


1 quartered pumpkin, cut to bite size
1 punnet medley cherries tomatoes, about 200 g, cut in half
1 packet baby spinach, about 200 g, washed and dried
1 tbs tahini sauce
half handful craisins
olive oil
black pepper


Pre heat grill. Place spinach on plate and set aside. Place pumpkin in microwave save bowl with water microwave for 14 minutes. Drain and place in lined tray with medley tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle oil and grilled for about 20-25 minutes until grilled and charred to your liking.

Once done, add it to the spinach, scatters craisin over them. Next drizzle or spoon tahini sauce over the vegetables. Serve with a glass of white wine. Enjoy!!!!

Note: You can use tartare instead of tahini or mayonnaise or chili sauce. You can use any vegetables of your choice. You can use rocket salad. You can add fruits like strawberries.