Black rice panna cotta

Since my last, Fava panna cotta with vegetables. I thought of adding black rice to bring my technique and creativity to the next level for my panna cotta. I know it’s not a smooth panna cotta.

Why black rice panna cotta? Be creative and explore using different ingredients. Let’s use sour cream too instead of double cream to make a little crunch sort of texture, delicious, comfort, and flavourful sweet-savoury dessert for a change. What do you mean savoury dessert? You ask. Well, I believe dessert don’t have to be light sweet type of dessert only. Did you know some dessert can be eaten as entrees?

Black rice panna cotta is a savoury yet sweet, delicious that satisfied and soothes my and family stomach. I am glad to put God had given me creative skill and abundance food to good use.

Entertain family and myself with a grateful heart for God’s gift. I am very happy it turned out so perfectly to what I have planned to create and explore that I decided to share it. Let’s cook!!!!


250 g black rice
3 c water
300 g sour cream
Squirt of honey
1/8 Tsp sea salt
2 Tsp vanilla essence
2 Tsp gelatine powder


Put water and black rice in pot over medium heat bring it to boil, keep stirring about 20 minutes. Once boiling, turn down the heat to a steady low simmer and add sour cream, and salt; cook about 45-55 mins uncovered, stirring about every 10 mins or so to prevent sticking or burning on the bottom. It will get totally thick & creamy.

Add sugar, honey and vanilla, cook until sugar dissolved and mix until well combined. When the rice is done, creamy, thickened and tender, take it off the heat and let cool about 10 minutes. Then sprinkle gelatine powder in and mix well again. Pour into serving dishes and smooth the tops. Refrigerate overnight until it set.

Note: You can use fava, peas, spinach, or kale to make green panna cotta. Or you can make your own choice of panna cotta. You can add any fruits or vegetables, or tuna on top as garnish.