Egg pomegranate cream serve with toast bread

Found this picture, decided to write up and post. This is my quick and creative breakfast. Guess, I am bored eating the same breaky. Then I thought hmm I have thickened cream that will expired if I don’t use it.

This is where I am in Dubai. Pomegranate seems very cheap and its ready knock out of it hard crust shell. Then I also have that oven prove bowl from my previous night dinner paella rice. Versatile this bowl and looks like the right size to use for my egg to cook in microwave.

My breakfast is quick delicious and really enjoyed my first creation breakfast. Let’s cook and enjoy the rest of my day shopping in Dubai Mall.


1 egg
a few pomegranate
1/4 c thickened cream
Dried thyme
salt and pepper

Bread toast, accompaniment


Place thickened cream, pomegranate, thyme, salt, pepper and crack an egg in microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high 1000 W for 35 seconds to 45 seconds. Touch that the yolk is a bit firm.

Then the white and cream are cook. Sprinkle paprika and cook for 5 seconds further to have firmer yolk, but the egg white are still slightly watery a bit. Toast bread and spread butter.

Note: you can cook it longer if you like it fried egg. You can add avocado, tomato salsa. You can add salmon or even dates on it.