Bread 3/4 boiled egg with promegranate

Another of my creative breakfast while in Dubai. This is simple, quick and I want to finish off the leftover pomegranate. Be adventurous and creative with the cheap pomegranate.

Especially when I am late for work. As it’s too hot to get out yet I still have to go to work. Needed healthy energy breakfast. Up to today, I somehow never seems to be able to find ready knocked out pomegranate in a tub.

I am glad to have it in Dubai. Just sharing my creative breakfast that is beautiful in a green plate. Enjoy!!!


1 large egg
1 bread toasted and cut a ring in the centre
some butter to spread
a few pomegranate


Toast bread to your liking, spread butter on it. Then cut with an egg ring. Place a crack egg in the centre; cook in microwave about 30 seconds to 35 seconds (put 10 seconds first then another; see if egg is a bit cook soft in the centre) depending on microwave. Egg to be 3/4 cook. Then sprinkle some pomegranate on top. Enjoy it with a cup ready to go coffee.



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