Orange cinnamon madeleines

What is madeleines? Google it and here’s the definition: “Madeleines are very small sponge cakes with a particular shell-like shape acquired from being baked in pans with shell-shaped mould.” For me I think it’s a petite little shell shaped cookies.

If you have the shell-shaped mould that’s great; either wise you can use a ramekin. Though the shape wouldn’t be shell shape, or you can borrow from friends if you don’t want to buy them.

My first time trying it out; trial and error using amount of ingredients. The most importance thing is that the batter should be smooth consistency.

I am glad it turned out perfect the way it should be. Out there, there are many flavour of madeleines. I chose orange and cinnamon flavour because today, I am experimenting fruit juice and spice.

My madeleines is browned and crispy on the outside and spongy and soft on the inside. It can be quite sweet. I have reduced the amount of sugar. As orange juice is quite sweet already. If you are a sweet tooth person increase sugar about 50 g and 25 g for dusting.

I use two madeleines tray and have some batter left over. I decided to put them in a ramekin with some blueberries. As seen in picture below.

Let’s bake so we can have it for afternoon tea with Chamomile tea or a nice strong cup of brewed coffee.


225 g unsalted butter
200 g caster sugar, plus about 50 g to dust
250 g plain flour
1 Tsp vanilla extract
30 ml orange juice
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 Tsp cinnamon powder
Olive oil spray for spray madeleines tray
some blueberries for extra batter in ramekin (OPT)


Preheat oven 170 degrees C. Spray some oil on madeleines trays. Heat butter in a pot medium low heat until just melted. Mix together 200 g castor sugar and flour in a bowl, then add vanilla and eggs.

Next beat in butter and orange juice until you have a nice smooth batter. Spoon 1 dinner spoon of batter and place it in the middle of each shell-shaped trays.

Bake for 12-15 minutes for larger madeleines, or 8-10 minutes for smaller, depending on your tray. If you are using ramekins about 20-25 minutes, check that its golden brown.

While the madeleines are baking, put 50 g castor sugar for dusting in a shallow dish with cinnamon powder. When madeleines is doneness and still warm roll madeleines in cinnamon sugar to coat. Shake off excess. Then plate them neatly. Serve with chamomile tea or strong brewed coffee.

Note: oven temperature may vary. You might bake it on higher degree or lower. So too the time depending on trays size. The ramekin takes about 20-25 minutes; again, if you are using ramekins check you time. You can make plain madeleines so omit orange juice. Perhaps increase 25 g more butter.

You might want to add other ingredients to your madeleines such as caramelise sauce -dunking madeleines in it. Or add lemon juice and zest.