Orange poppy seed cake

Craving for cake today. Cake has always been my favourite desserts. I got poppy seeds might elsewhere use it. Just bought the orange colouring and got orange and a bottle of orange juice.

This time I am trying out my new tube pan. Just for a change. It’s a simple cake as I am trying out the combination of poppy seeds with orange. Got to try to see what the taste like. Glad I try my hand at it.

Google said: “Poppy seed is an oilseed obtained from the opium poppy. The tiny, kidney-shaped seeds have been harvested from dried seed pods by various civilizations for thousands of years. “

“It is still widely used in many countries, especially in Central Europe and South Asia, where it is legally grown and sold in shops.” “It offer flavour and character to savory dishes just as well as sweet.” My cake is delicious, moist and beautiful. Let’s bake!!!!


7 Egg yolks
50 g  icing sugar
¼ tsp salt
4 Tbs cooking oil
I orange grated rind
100 ml orange juice
Few drops of orange colouring
200g Self-raising flour
1 Tsp poppy seeds
7 Egg whites
½ tsp cream of tartar
130 g icing sugar


Preheat oven to 170C. Prepare a 23cm tube pan,  greased. Beat egg yolks with sugar till pale, then add in salt and oil, mix briefly till looks like mayonnaise.

Add in grated orange rind, orange juice, poppy seed and orange colouring and mix well. Fold in sieved flour until forms batter. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until mixture forms soft peaks. Gradually add in sugar, beating at high speed until stiff peaks form.

Gently fold beaten egg white foam into egg yolk batter in 3 batches until fully combined. (Do not overmix). Pour batter into greased tube pan. Tap the pan a few times on tabletop to get rid of any trapped air bubbles in the batter.

Bake for 50-60 minutes or until cooked. (When lightly pressed, the cake will spring back). Immediately upon removing the cake from the oven invert the pan and place on a flat surface so it is suspended over the counter. Let cool completely before removing the cake from pan.

To remove cake from pan, run a palette knife around the side of the pan and center core, release the cake and run the knife along the base of the pan to remove cake.