Beef ravioli with vegetables and capsicum strips

Craving for pasta? Here’s my creation with bought beef ravioli. Pasta lovers you can create than making your own when you are having the craving or have no time to spend making pasta.

I don’t have a pasta machine. So, I bought them fresh. If you do have the machine. Go ahead make your own. You can add your own filling inside.

I loves my pasta meal to be satisfying, delicious, healthy and colourful. Serve with a glass of wine. Let’s cook!!!!


2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 c brown mushrooms, quarter or bite size
1/4 c cabbage, thinly slice
1/2 cup chips size carrots
4-6 stalks of kale, tear the leave, wash and drain dry
1-2 Tsp caper
100 g of semi dried capsicum strips with oil ( bought a tub)
250 g beef ravioli and enough water to cook ravioli
20 g butter
2 Tbs Worcester sauce
1/4 c white wine or vegetables stocks


Cook the ravioli as per instruction on packet and drained the water. Then heat oil in pan, add garlic and capers cook till fragrant. Next add kale, cabbage and carrots, fry for 5 minutes until tender, add in mushrooms, cook further 3 minutes until softened.

Then add butter, Worcester and wine to caramelised, and season with salt and pepper. Next plate the ravioli and scoop cooked vegetables onto plate with ravioli and mix well. Taste and season the sauce. Spoon some semi dried capsicum strips on to the plate, drizzle some oil and serve immediately with a glass of white wine.