Tortilla lamb, tomato relish and apple pizza

Craving for pizza. Don’t want to make the dough, lazy to make and can’t wait. So, I decided to use tortilla as pizza base. This is a quick, cheat dinner meal for one.

I have some lamb strips leftovers. Then apple is soft, so I decided to add both of them together with my fennel, mushroom and use tomato relish given to me by my friends. I always like my food to be colourful, so I have garnish it with cut fresh spring onions. Its looks presentable as well as delicious.

I am pleased that I have made use of tortilla as pizza base. The addition of marmalade jam instead of tomato paste. Plus, I must have chilli. Therefore, in goes a couple of chilli paste. Let’s bake!!!


1 piece tortilla
3 button mushroom, sliced
3 Tbs tomato relish
3 Tbs marmalade jam
50 g lamb strips
1/4 of apple, chopped
3 Tbs chopped fennel
chili paste bought
1/2 spring onion, garnish


Preheat oven 180 degrees C. Heat the pizza tray. Marinade lamb with salt, pepper and oil. Set aside for 10 minutes.

Slice mushroom chopped apple and fennel. Now place tortilla in pizza tray and spread jam. Next add lamb, and vegetables. Next place tomato relish around it.

Place in oven till lamb and vegetables are cooked about 20 minutes. Once lamb and vegetables are done. Dollop some chili paste and garnish with spring onion.

Note: oven temperature varies. You may need more or less time. You can use tomato paste instead of jam.