Roast beef fillet, and vegetables serve with corn and broccolini

Having friends over for dinner. No worries this is something easy quick and great to serve your friends. With just few ingredients you can cook like a chef. This meal has protein and vegetables. It’s comforting for entertaining friends.

You don’t want to be stressed out. Here’s a great recipe for you to try out. I am sure your friends will be happy with your meal. Serve it with full body red wine such as Cabernet Merlot. Followed by pear honey and ginger yoghurt cake. Let’s cook!!!


To marinade

4 fillet beef
Salt and black pepper, to taste
Olive oil
2-5 Tbsp oyster sauce
a few dashes of Worcester sauce

To roast ingredients

8 baby mini potatoes, wash and dry
250 g tomatoes medley
600 g jab pumpkin, skin removed and cut into bite size
2 Tsp cayenne powder
2 Tbsp rosemary
salt and pepper

To boil ingredients

2 bunches broccolini, wash, and cut
2 corns, peel skin, remove hair and cut into half


Preheat oven 200 deg. Marinade fillet, place in a baking tray and set aside at room temperature. Marinade pumpkin with cayenne, oil and rosemary. Place potatoes, tomatoes and pumpkin in another tray and drizzle oil, salt and pepper.

Bake the vegetables for 30-40 minutes. Fillet bake one side for 10-12 minutes and the other side 7- 9 minutes for medium rare. Well done add extra 10 minutes or to your liking.

In the meantime, microwave broccolini for 12-14 minutes and corn about 15-20 minutes on high. Note may vary in microwave power. Just crunchy and cook. Once cook, drain and set aside keep warm with foil on individual plates. Remove the fillets set to rest. Let the vegetables continue to roast until soft and cook.

To assemble

Lined the tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkin, corn and broccolini on the edge. Then place the fillet and drizzle some of the vegetable oil over the fillet and serve.