Bacon egg and curly lettuce burger

Felt like having burger, got some burger buns on sale as it will expire in 4 days. Fancy this curly lettuce and thought why not try it as I rarely see them on shelves in the supermarket. I still have some leftovers bacon and have fresh eggs which I bought 2 days ago.

It’s nothing fancy meal. Just a simple meal that anyone can create by adding a bit of this and that and the end result is comforting and satisfying meal. Thank you God for each blessing along the way; this bring Joy to both God and me.

With renewed Gratitude for my imperfect life and my Prefect God, I stopped looking for glitz and Praised God for His Glorious Love, Peace and Joy. Everything I have comes from Him. Even my recipes posting is also from God who gave me the abundance food, drink and creativeness.

My burger is colourful delicious and simple sloppy meal with parents. Let’s cook!!!!


3 burgers, cut in halved
4 eggs
4 bacon
1/4 bunch of curly lettuce, wash and drain
chili sauce
chili sauce


Heat pan on medium heat, add oil fry eggs to your liking. Then transfer to a plate. Cover with foil to keep warm. Now add bacon in cook through and remove to a plate cover with foil to keep warm. Lightly toast burgers on the same frying pan and then spread butter.

Now assemble the food on serving plate. Lay the base of burger on plate followed by curly lettuce. Next bacon and egg. Then squirt some chili sauce. The top part of burger place it leaning over to expose the layering of the food. Enjoy!!!

Note: you can omit chili sauce. You can use tuna, beef, chicken, roast pork, ham, salmon or seafood instead of bacon. You can use sandwiches or brioche or long loaf instead of burger.

You can add more bacon and eggs if you like. My dad got extra bacon and  an egg. You can squirt mayonnaise or BBQ sauce.


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