Dark chocolate and silken tofu cheesecake

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Dark cho and silken tofu cheesecake

I have recreated from MasterChef recipe with a bit of me. I had added frangelico liqueur wine. Though it don’t look beautiful professional like masterchef. It’s great to explore my culinary skill.

When you have a will or a dream pursued it. Then you can know you have achieve somewhere if not at a great level of satisfaction. Don’t we all have a dream or will that we would like to achieve it.

God cannot help you if you don’t help yourself. I know everyone have their own limitless capacity to do a task. There are tasks some people achieve easily, some moderately some never even try.

I know one thing is never give up. Keep trying one day it will turned out perfectly beautiful like masterchef. Right now, the taste is perfectly awesome.

Happy Baking!!!!

Biscuit Base:
250g Marie biscuits
1 Tsp ground ginger
2Tsp ground cinnamon

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