Green tea noodles

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Who doesn’t love those smell of cooking from the kitchen on winter’s day?

As I gaze out my bedroom window, I see the cherry blossoms in my garden. It’s so beautiful, and harmony atmosphere which reminded me of Japan, cherry blossoms trees along the road. That thought brought me to create a Japanese style noodle soup.

A while ago, I saw a recipe from Rasa Malaysia: Green Tea Rice. Rasa Malaysia link is attached at the bottom. Her recipe said its not recommended to use matcha powder. I have decided to make mine with noodles and matcha powder rather than using green tea leaves which is so expensive. As I have matcha powder why buy tea leaves.

My recipe is a simple Japanese noodles with a savory soup of green tea, which is completely comfort, hearty, delicious and filling on warm on winter days. In addition, I have also made…

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