Food in the Time of Quarantine

What’s the one thing we all needed and can’t go without it? All of us have something we treasure dearly – a person, a passion, a possession – something we can’t go without?

How much of my own life, and really all of human experience, is marked by a stubborn resistance to freely and generously give to others?

While sharing our lives in this way can be difficult, we should remember the fruit of such generosity. Today, I am sharing with you all the one thing that we all needed and can’t go without it: Food in the time of quarantine magazine, that every food bloggers have given generously to make this magazine and to share it. Have a look at this Magazine.

You will love it and enjoy it. All the recipes are marvelous, enticing, colourful, flavourful, nutritious as well all over the world menu to try your hands on.

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