There are many recipes for baking mussels on websites. Some recipes are simple, talk you through you tube, and some with extra ordinary ingredients. Unlike mine, I experiment and explore using the basic ingredients I have in my pantry.

Some recipes have added cheese to make it into a beautiful puff of golden colour, while others, TV show, add slices of chillies and white wine to their mussels. As for me, the flavour of my stock is simple easy to say its pure; allowing mussels to be the main standout flavour from the sea fresh smell of aromatic incorporated with the stock.

Frozen mussels lost all its flavour despite what other ingredients you added, read it on website. Everyone will use the same method recipe for baking mussels. I admit that I do follow pretty much the same method for baking mussels. I leave out the butter for sauce, and I don’t add Parmesan or breadcrumbs, but I am going to make mine with Stone’s green ginger wine.

At time I do enjoy having fusion of food. So let cook like a professional chef!!!!


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