In a youTube video, Alan Glustoff, a cheese farmer in Goshen, NY, telling his process for aging cheese; a process that adds to a cheese’s flavour and texture. Before it can be sent out to market, each block of cheese remains on shelf in an underground cave for 6-12 months. In humid environment the cheese is tended carefully.

Glustoff’s passion for developing the cheese he produces reminded me of God’s passion for developing the “Truest potential” of His Children so they become fruitful and mature.

I am falling in love with my home cook meal. This meal is a combination of two method. You know macaroni with cheese but for this I am using chicken pieces and chickpeas.

Also you know how to cook risotto right. Instead of arborio rice I use macaroni. It’s an intermarriage of pasta and risotto with a twist of pastry. Be creative and expand your culinary skill. So everyone can enjoy eating with love, laughter and have a satisfied stomach and smile. Then you know that you had you encourage the growth of someone else.



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