Green tea rump, carrots mix in burnt orange sauce serve with salads

I saw Jamie Oliver cooking show a while back, he use green tea on salmon. After watching his 30 minutes TV show. I felt like having green tea. Since salmon is so expensive and I don’t want to pay for a small piece of salmon so I use beef rumps.

To make this dish my own I added cognac, orange marmalade, and orange liqueur (frangelico) to make burnt orange sauce. I also added carrot mixed, tomatoes medley and salad mix. This dish can be weekdays if you feel like you need some energy and needed red meat in take in your diet.

It can also be weekend meal if you are thinking of having friends over. It’s a great meal to serve to your friends. Something, they will be surprise and wow to your effort as weekends meal can be simple for you wanted some quiet time and no hassle.

Of course, you are not cooking it every weekends. Once a while so your friends appreciate that you cook out of your heart to share it with them. This meal is comfort, nutrition delicious and looks presentable to serve friends. Serve it with a red wine Merlot a heavy body flavour.

Let’s cook!!!