Hotpots: Sichuan hot and spicy and Black pepper with pork bone

Let’s celebrating Australia Day with a twist Steamboat; it have sliced meats as well as vegetables with rice or on its own.

Steamboat as Malaysian and Singaporean would call it: boiling stock/ base until its bubbling, fresh ingredients cooking in it produced sweeten and have fragrant smell. It is a Chinese tradition, a meal where family and friends sit at a table and fill thinly sliced meats, seafood and vegetables into a boiling stock/base. Out there, others call it hotpot.

Little steamboat baskets are used as net for putting/scooping food into and from boiling stock, and can buy from specialty Asian grocers. Chopsticks are also a helpful form of dipping utensil; but its not hygiene, using it and eating from it.


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