Scotch fillet, grilled Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes

Scotch fillet, grilled Brussels sprouts and tomatoes.jpg

Simple dinner for one.


1 Scotch fillet steak
2 slices Danish Harvati cheese
5 Brussel sprouts, remove stems, parboil
6-8 solanato tomatoes
1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar glaze
1 Tsp Morrocan spice powder
olive oil



Marinade steak with salt, pepper, balsamic glaze and oil for 30 minutes. Cut the stems of Brussel sprouts, par boiled for about 8 minutes in microwave; drained and set aside. Just before putting in oven on a baking tray; season with salt pepper,and Moroccan powder. Add tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle oil.

Next add steak and place 2 level below the grill, then grill one side for 8 minutes. Turn over grill the other side further 8 minutes. Then place two slices cheese on top of steak and cook further 1 minute or to your liking until cheese melted. I prefer medium done.

Plate Brussel on top of plate, next tomatoes on the otherside and steak in the center. Serve with a glass of red full body wine example Cabernet Merlot.


Note: Oven vary and time. Also how you like your meat to be.