Chicken burger on a bed of salads, baked mushrooms, potatoes and cherries

Chicken burger roasted mushrooms and  tomatoes on a bed of salads.JPG       


4 Chicken burgers, bought
200 g brown mushrooms
2 X 300 g packet of mixed salads
150 g match sticks carrots
250 g cherries tomatoes
4 potatoes, parboil
butter flavour oil spray


Preheat 200 degree C. Par boil potatoes in microwave about 10 minutes. Line flat baking tray with foil, lay burgers on the tray followed by potatoes, mushrooms with cherries in another. Season potatoes, cherries and mushrooms with salt, pepper and spray the butter flavour oil. Place them in oven for 23 – 25 minutes. Then turn over burgers the other side after 10 minutes. Further cooked for 15 minutes. Remove the cherries and mushrooms and set aside.

Meanwhile separate the salad equal portion into 4 plates, sprinkle some carrots and drizzle the oil over the salad. Once done remove burgers and potatoes and set burger on top of the salad.

Then arrange the mushrooms, cherries around the burger and place the potato on the bottom side . Serve immediately with white sweet wine.


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