Peh Pah tofu fish cake, eggplant panko bok choy, bee hoon noodle soup

Peh pah taufoo fish, kai lan noodle soup.JPG       

1 packet bee hoon noodle soup with condiments – 2 minutes noodles
bought peh pah tofu fish cake – use 3 pieces, cut into bite size
eggplant panko made ahead – one day
1 bunch of boy choy, wash, cut into bite size
boiling water
3 Tbs XO chili sauce
2 tbs extra hot chili (Optional)

Boil water, add into the packet condiments in a bowl with bok choy. Microwave the veg for 5 minutes. Then add fish cake and eggplant panko; microwave for a further 3 minutes.

Next add the XO chili and extra hot chili with the noodle; microwave a further 2 – 2.5 minutes. Once done, remove from microwave. Serve with white wine.


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