Happy New Year 2016

To all my family and friends, and people around the world. Have a Blessed, Healthy and Peaceful 2016.
The Year 2016 will be a great year for all who believe its with grateful heart and trusting in God/ Universe. Here’s my new year quote for all.
We just have to accept whats given to us. Most important things come to God with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed. Take a closer walk with God as a life of continual newness. Seek His face with open mind, knowing that ur journey with God involved being transformed by the renewing of ur mind. He is fully attentive to u. His attention span is infinite. Give urself fully to this adventure of increasing attentiveness to God’s Presence.
We can’t change the world, nature or human, but we can change ourself to be good, trusting all things are well in the hand of God/Universe.
You have Love in the very middle of ur heart, brain and skills; use them to good, peace and built a better world which we are given a beautiful world to live. Let all live in harmony; no matter what religious, color skins or behaviour. We are all one race: human.
Life can be rainbow filled with colourful journeys, full of happiness, mishaps, sadness, achievements, attractions and emotions. God / Universe has given all the strength and a very valuable life to enjoy, share, and explore.
Let explore with me with a spirit that never give up easily. Stand up and move on to where the spirit takes u.


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