Kim Chi Paella with hard boiled eggs

Kim chi paella w hard boiled eg

1 c hot boiling water
½ Tsp salt
A small pinch of saffron thread
1 Tbs olive oil and extra
1/2 c medium grain rice
1 Tbs garlic, chopped
5- 8 Tbs Kim chi (My friend gave me a tub of kim chi)/ you can buy ready made)
Salt and pepper to taste

Place the saffron thread and salt in the hot boiling water once the kettle is boiled. In a mini cast iron pot put oil over med heat until oil is hot, add garlic, and sweat it. Then place rice, extra oil and cook for 2 minutes or until pan is dry and add the cooked kim chi coated with kim chi juice. Next add the saffron water to the pot, stir to evenly combine and cover. Bring to a simmer over med high heat.

Once pot comes to a full simmer, reduce heat to med low heat, uncovered and season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 10-15 minutes until rice is cooked through. Set aside to rest the paella for another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, put eggs into a pot of water gently and boil for 20 minutes. Then removed eggs and put in cold water. Once cold, peeled the shells and use egg cutter and cut the eggs into slices and drizzle some kim chi juice over the egg.

Note: A sign of a good paella is crisp rice around the sides of pot. Stand for a few minutes about 5-8 minutes before serving.