porterhousesteak, pumpkin, carrot mix roast with tomatoes medley serve in white choco sauce

4 Porterhouse steaks
1/2 Jab pumpkin, skin peeled, washed and cut into bite size
1 Punnet tomatoes medley, washed and dried
1 Packet carrot mix, peeled and washed
Water to boil

To marinade steaks:
oil, about 5-8 Tbsp
salt and black pepper; white pepper (opt)
1/2 – 1 Tsp cayenne
1 Tsp paprika
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
A few dash of Worcester sauce

White chocolate sauce
300 ml thicken cream
2 Tbsp double thicken cream
300 g white chocolate, broken into pieces

Pre heat oven 180 degree C. Place marinade in a plastic bag with steaks. Give it some gentle massage and set aside until later about 20 – 25 minutes in room temperature. Melt chocolate in microwave for 30-35 seconds, slightly melted and cool until ready to use.

Place pumpkin pieces, and carrots in a microwave safe dish with enough water on high for 20 -30 minutes until tender. Drained and put in the baking tray.

In the meantime, heat thicken cream in saucepan on low heat until almost come to the boiling, add the melted chocolate, stir until chocolate completely melted. Removed from heat. Then add in double cream and stir to combine. Keep warm and set aside.

Bake the vegetables for 20 -25 minutes. Place the steaks in another tray, bake together after 10-15 minutes on one side turn the other and bake further 10 minutes or to your liking. Mine steak is well done. Rest steaks for 5 -7 minutes before slicing them. While steaks rest , place tomatoes in the hot oil baking tray to just soften a bit and caramelised.

To assemble; place mixed carrots and tomatoes on one side, pumpkin on the other side.  Drizzle some oil from the steaks on to the vegetable. Then place steaks in the centre and ladle a spoon of white chocolate sauce and pour at the bottom of steaks.

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