Traditional trifle

recreated by Helen
recreated by Helen
This is what it looks like inside after cut up to serve.
This is what it looks like inside after cut up to serve.

170 grams Packet Port Wine Jelly Crystals
600 ml Rum Custard
650 grams Jam Swiss Roll
500 gram frozen mixed fruits
1/4 cups orange Juice + 4 tbs Rum (opt for Rum; replace with orange liqueur)
1 can already whipped cream


Pour the jelly crystals into a stainless steel bowl big enough to pour in 800ml boiling water and stir until crystals have dissolved. Cool, then transfer to jelly dishes to refrigerate for 4 – 6 hours, or until set. Once set, remove the jelly from the dish and cut into pieces.

Pour 300 ml of custard into trifle glass dish. Arrange the slices of Swiss roll in the dish then sprinkle with 2 tablespoon of rum and pour half orange juice. Put half the jelly and mixed fruits on top of Swiss roll. Then the remaining half the custard.Followed by the remaining Swiss roll, remaining jelly, mixed fruits and top each with cream (I put just one layer for deco, you can top more cream if you like mountain high w cut haves strawberries). Chill over night so that the juices soak into the Swiss roll to make it moist.