Shrimp and chorizo Pasta

Went to the supermarket with intention of getting meat or poultry. I couldn’t find any meat. Only have sausages. So I bought it to add into what I have leftovers from my pantry and fridge.

The method today is one pot cooking with all the ingredients that I have salvage from my fridge and pantry. I choose linguine, similar to spaghetti but a bit more like noodles texture. I didn’t have any tomato ragout in it nor creamy thick carbonara sauce.

I only use white wine, butter, XO chilli oil, Worcester sauce and water from linguine. The sauce is flavoured with shrimps and chorizo. Its not a soupy sauce, but there are enough sauce for taste.

This is simple, easy yet delicious enough to share with 3 other member of my family.

Let get cooking!!!!


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